Hello, World

Publish date: Jan 1, 1970

Hello, again… I’ve decided to relaunch this site. People always insist on the importance of having a kind of portfolio, blog or website. It is true, especially for developers. So here is mine! It’s not totally new. I’ve revamped my previous attempt to create a personal page by migrating to Hugo. Hugo is a powerful and famous static site generator. I’ve been using other types of tools previously.

Year Tech
2014 Self hosted Wordpress
2015 Angular + Divhost
2016 Ember + Firebase
2020 (now) Hugo + Github Pages

The primary objective of this site is to publish short notes. Little blog posts that address very simple subjects. It also aims to gather links to longer posts published on other blogs (e.g. blog.xebia.fr, medium.com/xebia-france). There is also a page dedicated to talks I gave. Finally, to do exactly like everyone else I’ve got my self a place to brag 👉 about. Now you may wonder:

🤔 But Lolo, why is this post date is January 1st 1970?

I’m glad you ask! loicmdivad.com is a place to collect all the work I’ve done in software engineering so far. I will create particular posts, named link post that only consist in a link to another site like Medium. Link post only comments on a previous work and include a link to it (because duplicate content is a terrible practice on the internet). The link post will carry the date of the initial publication, but this Hello, World post still has to be the first.

Now what to expect from this? Not much actually. I’ve planned to add notes about Scala, Apache Kafka and Google Cloud Tips. And now if you randomly got to this site, and wonder how it’s different from the tons of programming blogs you know… I will add one last thing

Anyone has a unique angle, a perspective on something that’s worth sharing. – Flavio Copes

So do not expect anything new or revolutionary here, but just a lolo-version of things you’ve already seen out there!